Piccadilly Clarice T Strap Summer Sandals

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Piccadilly Gets You Ready to Take Over the World!

Arguably popularized by Paris Hilton, could a shoe trend you wore in high school be cool again? Let our Clarice T Strap Summer Sandals help you make up your mind. If you want the sass of a high heel, but also value the carefree comfort of a sturdy flat, our sandals for women are your gift from above! With a divine white color, they serve as a perfect finishing touch to your flowy dress, flared pants, maxi skirt, or high-waisted shorts.

Durable, light, and easy to wear, walking on them feels likes walking on a cloud. Can't stop your feet from stomping to that groovy music? Go on and dance your heart away because these wedge sandals won't let you down. They don't have the "snap-at-any-moment" attitude of a stiletto since the pressure is distributed throughout the wedge, allowing you to just enjoy the moment.

Freshen up your footwear game while standing tall with our Clarice slip-on flip flops for women. FAIR WARNING: You may never want to take this pair off!

  • White Color
  • Non-Slip Sole
  • Sturdy Heels
  • For Daily Use