Piccadilly Mule Bi-color Medium Heels

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You are on the rise with a pair of Piccadilly's!

The sharpest and boldest in the footwear realm, our pair of mules has the power to introduce you even before you speak. Whether they're adorning your feet for a city wedding or being slipped on for an important client meeting, they are no doubt the perfect pointed-toe shoes for confident Hustle Queens.

If you are dealing with Achilles tendonitis or other heel discomforts, our women's clog will help you relieve the pain since they have no back constraints that will rub or irritate your tendon while walking. Thanks to their soft cover material and intelligent design, they are a solid option for people with arthritis.

Highlighting their bicolor and "backless" structure, you can keep it classic and partner our medium heels with a long coat and slim-fit trousers or go full edgy with a biker jacket worn with a sheer white top tucked in a high-waisted skirt. With these stunning looks, Marilyn Monroe will surely be clapping from above because you are giving justice to her favorite shoes. Enjoy fashion and comfort with Piccadilly!

  • Different Bicolor Design Options
  • Soft Leather Material
  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable for Everyday use