Piccadilly Suede Summer Sandals with Wedge Heels

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Flaunt your style and happy feet with a comfortable Piccadilly!

In search of stylish yet comfortable heels? Consider wedge heels - charming, fashionable, and striking in many ways. The Piccadilly white wedge sandals for women are ‘occasion flexible.’ Extremely comfortable to wear any time you want. Flaunt them with skirts that are knee-length, shorts, short dresses, or summer dresses - they play well with your lifestyle.

The insole has a cushion for your feet to sit comfortably, the outsole is sturdy PVC that does not tear or break easily so you will get to wear them for an extended period, and the shoe molds are perfect for the shape of your feet. All straps fit perfectly!

Make your strolling easy and fun while wearing these summer sandals. A pair that won’t let you experience any pressure on the heel area. If you are a woman who loves sheer flexibility, these ankle strap wedge women’s sandals are the right shoes your feet need to look their best.

- 2in heel height

- All-in sandals

- Breathable

- Sturdy

- Classy