Piccadilly Adjustable Nappa Beach Sandals

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Feel the earth beneath your feet


A pair of Piccadilly Napa Sandals are perfect for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. The EVA midsole ensures they are lightweight, shock-absorbing, and well-cushioned - making them NOT clunky or heavy. Walk smoothly from point A to point B without feeling weighed down by your sandals. 

Easy to clean and hard to stain - this beautiful pair has a flexible sole that allows your feet to breathe and move comfortably. Even better – their airy and lightweight feel doesn't compromise the durability or sturdiness, comes with an adjustable strap for easy-peasy tightening and loosening. Made to withstand long walks, days at the beach, and many other activities that might keep you on your feet for hours. 

Thankfully, no more deciding between comfort and convenience! Live full and walk free with a pair of Piccadilly's.

- Comfortable 

- Lightweight 

- Easy to clean

- Durable and Stylish 

- Anatomical shape