Piccadilly Black Pump for Women

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The trend is lighter shoes and smoother moves!

 Do you remember the days where the use of pump shoes was synonymous with a painful foot? Piccadilly’s technology makes this scene a thing of the past. Intentionally curated to make every step elegant, stylish, and comfortable, Piccadilly Black Pump for Women will give your feet a beauty treatment that only our brand can offer.

Breathable insoles allow the flow of air, making it extra comfortable in the summer too! Lightweight, flexible, with a sole designed and made to retain traction while you walk, offer a silent heel feature to a walk full of confidence and zero noise.

Perfect to use all day at work and will fit the happy hour like a glove, this classic and comfortable pair of shoes was designed to change your concept of heel pumps forever!

Design by shoe experts in Brazil combining fashion, comfort, technology, and sustainability, Piccadilly always makes great shoe experiences happen.

- Easy to wear

- Vegan Material  

- 1.5-inch heel height 

- Silent stride 

- Lightweight