Piccadilly Cecilia Wedge Slingback Sandals

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Piccadilly wants to give you a whole new summer experience!

Nobody enjoys standing for long hours at work, but if your profession calls for it, save your lower extremities from a lot of stress with our Piccadilly Cecilia Wedge Slingback Sandals – a pair of women's sandals that can keep the pain at bay.

Designed to ease the pressure that comes with spending a lot of time upright on your feet, you will end your day with the same level of comfort as you had when you started it. Our wedge sandals for women have light construction to spare you from lugging around dead weight all day long. Made from high-quality and innovative materials, by shoe lovers in Brazil, these trendy clog shoes won't let you down and will last longer than your previous relationship!

Planning for a ladies' night out after work? Our platform open-toe got you covered! With medium heels, it will give you a few extra inches to stand tall, and it is embellished with a beautiful mix of mocha and brown colors. Boasting an open-toe design, allows free air circulation to create a conducive environment for your feet. Hustle and walk like a Queen with Piccadilly!