Piccadilly Flavia – High Heels White Summer Sandals

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Sassy and comfortable heels now have another name: Piccadilly!

These high heels will make you feel more graceful, sexy, and elegant without compromising comfort. Wear these in every season and every occasion - they suit your day-to-night outfit. The white color is simple yet fun, contrasting well with light and dark ensembles.

Featuring a suede material that is super soft and conforms to your foot. Plus, the block chunky high heel is very comfortable to walk in, fits well, holds the foot firmly in place, has superior heel support, and lowers the threat of tripping and spraining an ankle! With its 2.5 in heel height – ideal for walking and strolling for a lengthy time. A ribbon open-toe sandal that will allow feet to breathe and feel comfy. It comes with a buckle ankle strap for extra security and better comfort! Piccadilly, always making great impressions!

 - Soft suede material

- 2.5in heel height

- Square block heel

 - Elegant and sassy

- Light and Comfortable