Piccadilly Laura Medium Heels Scarpin with Round Toes

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Make yourself feel amazing walking with Piccadilly!

Whether it is a formal occasion or a semi-formal event, all you have to do is reach out for the best outfit and pair it with these Piccadilly Laura with medium heels. These 2 inches square-heel slip-on shoes will stylishly coincide with any party theme which you have opted for, saving you from a time of relentless pain and unease.

Round-toe, slip-on - your ultimate must-have footwear staple of all seasons. Featuring a cute accent on top of the shoebox that adds more thrill and elegance. The extra soft padded insole gives extra heel support and keeps your feet relaxed and functional throughout long hours and is what makes them the best low heel shoes available. With proper arch support and flexible structure, these designs are perfect for everyday wear.

  • - Nude color
  • -Zero noise sole
  • -Light and Flexible
  • -Padded insole
  • -Easy to wear