Piccadilly Mari – Criss Cross Picnic Sandals

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Piccadilly is with you at any season of the year

Summer is the perfect time to wear colorful and fun summer articles of clothing like rompers, tank tops, and floral dresses. However, typically closed shoes don't usually go well with these outfits. Good thing our summer sandals are here to rescue you!

Inspired by the clear skies and good feelings, the Piccadilly Mari – Criss Cross Picnic Sandals bring freshness, beauty, and lightness to your summer look. Comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear, you'll feel a sense of well-being in every step. They are light and flexible, accompanied by super-adherent soles to give you the ease and confidence that you need every day.

Featuring super-cushioning and anatomical insole, these Cedro-colored slingback shoes provide greater impact absorption that will help you bear long walks or even impromptu dances with friends. You can easily slip them on and be out the door quickly and when you get home, you can also quickly take them off and start relaxing immediately. Wear your best with Piccadilly!

  • Adjustable slingback
  • Criss crossdetails
  • Soft bedding
  • Anatomically made