Piccadilly Mari – Double T-Strap Summer Sandal

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Walking on the beach without tired feet is possible with a Piccadilly on each foot.

Long walks are a great form of bonding with your loved ones –but for that purpose, you need a pair of summer sandals that fit your feet perfectly. If you wear slippers that are too tight, you risk yourself to the discomfort that comes from walking in slip-ons that are not comfy. So instead of enjoying your time, you will probably want to go home as soon as possible to rest your feet. Good thing our flip flop sandals are designed for the sole purpose of making your feet comfortable while giving you the confidence boost that you deserve.

Lightweight, versatile, and easy to wear, the Piccadilly Mari – Double T-Strap Summer Sandal will win your heart as soon as you slide your feet on them. They can be worn with jumpsuits, skirts, shorts, or pants, and the double t-strap will still look stunningly beautiful in any way. With super-cushioning and anatomical insole, they provide greater impact absorption so you can walk for hours without complaining.

No matter you are sitting, standing, or walking, our breathable beach sandals will always put a smile on your face. Remember, comfortable and stylish sandals can make you more productive, so always go for Piccadilly!

  • Anatomically designed
  • Blue color
  • Comfy bedding
  • Daily Use