Piccadilly Mary Jane Medium Heels

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The most comfortable heels your closet will ever see!

Did you ever try to search on the internet for comfortable shoes for women? The only options you will find are loafers, sneakers, flats, and zero heels.  Piccadilly Mary Jane Deise High Heels is like a unicorn; nobody believes, but it exists, a pair of super comfy and durable pumps, with medium heels, to scale your style to the next level.

With an anti-slip sole and 3in high heels, this shoe is a dream coming true for any woman. Flexible, lightweight, 100% vegan, and an incredible soft insole, the Marie Jane Deise will dress your feet for success, whatever you need to be. From a full day of work to a wedding, just choose between black and nude and be ready to rock a pair of solid heels with maximum comfort.

Durable and breathable, each Piccadilly ladies shoe is developed by shoe scientists in Brazil, balancing design, comfort, technology, and sustainability, a world of innovation literally at your feet.

It’s time to celebrate life in heels, but with the comfort of a barefoot, it’s time for Piccadilly!


  • Black or Nude colors
  • Anti-slip sole
  • 100% vegan leather upper material
  • Thermal comfort
  • 3in heels
  • For daily use