Piccadilly MAXI – Eloa Foldable Ankle Boots

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Piccadilly will make your winter closet say thank you!

When your feet are cold, you can't function normally. So, when the freezing weather hits, be sure you’re wearing suitable footwear. From a muddy backcountry hike to a day on the slopes, our round toe boots can keep you in step as you move in harsh conditions protected, warm and stable.  

PICCADILLY MAXI is the first and only Brazilian shoe with certified technology that assures the biofiber blanket under the insole transforms the body's heat into far infrared rays, stimulating blood circulation, preventing swelling, varicose veins, relieving pain, and eliminating toxins.

Available in 3 different colors – Cappuccino Suede, Aurora Cream, and Black, our tie-up boots will suit any of your winter ensembles. Their soles are made from expanded PVC, providing support and absolute shock absorption. Prepping for your winter getaway? Piccadilly winter boots are the key to any great adventure!

  • Made with ANVISA’s Certified Technology
  • Adherent Soles
  • Warm and Durable Material
  • Comfortable for Daily Use