Piccadilly MAXI – Paula Low Ankle Scarpin

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More than dressing your feet, Piccadilly delivers you a new lifestyle!

For the ultimate in effortless winter style: Piccadilly got the right pair of booties that can instantly ramp up any outfit you have.

Giving a feminine silhouette a hint of modernization, these stylish low ankle shoes are made from premium vegan leather with a classic and contemporary cut. Medium heels make them a comfortable option for daytime wear and a side zipper closure means you’ll never have to pause mid-stride to securely put them back on. Thanks to its soft cushioned insole and impeccable arch support, you'll be able to wear this pair for an impressive number of hours without aches. Ready for any sleek daytime dressing occasions, you’ll get endless wear out of this pair of Piccadilly’s while looking fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

PICCADILLY MAXI is the first and only Brazilian shoe with certified technology that assures the biofiber blanket under the insole transforms the body's heat into far infrared rays, stimulating blood circulation, preventing swelling, varicose veins, relieving pain, and eliminating toxins.

Striking the perfect balance between a statement piece and failsafe versatility, these women's winter shoes will find themselves almost glued to your feet for the whole cooler season — and you won’t be complaining.

  • MAXI Technology
  • Chocolate color
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Stylish design for winter ensembles
  • For absolute comfort & daily use