Piccadilly Maxi – Silvia Flats with Golden Heels

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Let’s MAXImize your comfort with a pair of Piccadilly’s

Big presentations, running errands, and organizing events all require a pair of reliable women’s flats to complete your tasks with flying colors. They don't make your feet bleed, you can walk or run on a cobbled street with ease, and you will never have to walk home barefoot.

PICCADILLY MAXI is the first and only Brazilian shoe with certified technology where a biofiber blanket under the insole transforms the body's heat into infrared rays, stimulating blood circulation. This prevents swelling, varicose veins, relieves pain, and eliminates toxins.

Available in different colors – our ballet flats will complement your dress, shorts, skirt, or trousers. For people on the go, this slip-on will never slow you down. They are very easy to wear and can be carried anytime and anywhere. With its pointed toe design, perfect fit, and low golden heels, say hello to your new favorite go-to pair. With Piccadilly, you will never have to question your fashion choices!

  • Made with ANVISA certified technology
  • Available in two different colors
  • Perfect Fit
  • Comfortable for Daily Use