Piccadilly Medium Heels Wedge Clogs

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Before you reach for your usual flats or flip-flops, know this: Wedge shoes are healthier for your feet.

This Piccadilly clogs for women, offer more evenly distributed pressure throughout your foot, providing better arch support, which will help you avoid knee, hip, and back problems. If you are vertically challenged, our medium-high heels are a great way to elevate your height without the pain of stilettos. They are covered in soft leather, allowing the toe box to stretch and form more comfortably over your feet which are important if you have bunions or hammertoes.

Available in 3 different colors –mint, brown, and black, they can elevate your look in an instant without putting in much effort. Your outfit, your rule! Wear it with your favorite flowy dress, trousers, and skirts, and pose like a model that came straight out of a Vogue magazine. Our slip-on shoes are very easy to wear, saving you from the hassles of laces and straps. Give power to your steps with Piccadilly!

  • Available in 3 Different Colors
  • Good Arch Support
  • Covered in Soft Leather
  • Comfortable for Daily Use