Piccadilly Renata Summer Flat Sandals

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Grab these sandals and get ready to start your dream day adventure and dance the night away with Piccadilly!

 Piccadilly Renata is a gorgeous flat sandal that has a sturdy, comfy, light, textile rubber sole, and a stretchy upper for the perfect cushioning and extreme comfort making the shoe a dream come through

The sleek, sexy, and charming design of the strap shapes your feet beautifully while snugly hugging them. There is no chance of slipping, thanks to its slip-resistant sole.

They are thin, sophisticated, and more subtle. The slip-on style has a warm feel that keeps your feet cozy as you walk around, and is stylish enough to wear with any outfit. Great quality slip-on flat sandals with a chic design? Piccadilly is at your service.


- Non-Slip Sole 

- Flexible and Strong

- Available in 2 colors

- Chic design slip-on sandal

- For daily use