Piccadilly Rosa Adjustable Summer Sandals

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Good Sandals Take you to Good Destinations and Piccadilly gives you the world!

Looking for a premium quality flat sandal with a sexy design? Then this gorgeous peep-toe sandal by Piccadilly is at your service. Made in Brazil with the precise and stunning detailing from the soles non-slippery technology to the super soft elastic footbed giving the perfect cushioning and light feeling to your feet up to the hoop and loop closure style slingback for total security and comfort. With a leather matte finish upper, the sandal is top-class.

These pair of sandals are great for dressing up or down - they elevate your personality and make you look very fashionable. They look great with jeans, skirts, pants, and dresses in summer and spring. Not just suited for work, parties, formal occasions but also daily wear. No doubt, these are the best flat sandals for women today. Get them now and see how good they feel.

 - Leather Matte Top

- Soft elastic footbed

- Non-slippery

- Hoop-and-loop strap

- For daily use