Piccadilly Square Toe Flats with Upper Buckle

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Comfort with Winning Design, this is called The Piccadilly effect!

The tide has turned, and the humble women's flats are now women's top choice for sightseeing, romantic dates, drinks at the bar, and everything in between. Not only do they look cute with any outfit, but they're just so comfortable for you don't own at least one.

When you pair our ballet flats' cushioned insoles, supported arches, and flexible soles with dressy embellishments and soft leather, then you're all set to conquer the world.  No more Band-Aids inside your purse before a night out or pinched toes after too many steps. Good quality leather (check), versatile style (check), elastic backline (check), layered foam cushioning in footbed (check), this pair just screams PERFECTION!

Boasting a square toe design and upper buckle detailing, think of it as a polished pair that you always want to show off, even when it's not a weekday. These ballet flats for women will always sit proudly at the front of your wardrobe, confidently waiting for the next occasion that you're going to wear them. Which, spoiler, will likely be in a matter of hours. No break-in time is needed.

  • Elastic back topline
  • Layered form cushioning in the footbed
  • Leather upper and lining
  • Rubber Sole