Piccadilly Suede Summer Wedge Sandals

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Finally, the absolute go-to kick-ass Piccadilly sandal that your feet deserve!

Wear these comfortable and stylish platform sandals as you travel and walk. Suede platform sandals are ultra-lightweight, sturdy, and soft suitable for spring and summer sandals. Plus, the soles are completely silent when you walk. Get the advantage of the added insole technology to support your arches and lightweight material that helps keep your legs from getting tired, making it easier to move around. Featuring adjustable straps for added comfort and protection of the foot. A highly flexible, easy-to-adjust material that adapts to your foot structure, giving you a comfortable fit – undoubtedly, this would make your feet happy. 

Better-fitting, stylish, and comfortable sandals that complement your jeans, dress, skirts, miniskirt, playsuit, and other outfits! And because of the footbed and open-toe style, you will never regret owning these as your lightweight platform beach sandals.

- Non- noisy sole

- Adjustable strap

- Ultralightweight

- Premium suede leather

- Soft and breathable footbed